Laser Vision Correction is a safe and effective way to reduce or eliminate your dependency upon glasses.  At Eye Physicians and Surgeons we offer both LASIK and PRK (also called Advanced Surface Ablation).  

While LASIK is more well know, PRK is making a come back owing to its lower intraoperative and long term complication rate   Both surgeries use the same VISX laser to reshape your cornea and reduce nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. 

In LASIK surgery we create a flap in the cornea and then apply the laser energy under the flap.  The flap is then replaced and the eye is allowed to heal.  LASIK offers quicker visual recovery and relatively pain free surgery compared to PRK but some patients may develop issues with severe dry eye or problems with the LASIK flap.

With PRK there is no flap created and thus the risk of flap related complications (dry eye, infection, traumatic flap dislocation) is reduced to essentially zero.  Several studies have shown that visual results are more predictable and better with PRK vs. LASIK.  The only drawbacks of PRK relative to LASIK are slower visual recovery and a few days of eye pain.  In general, most patients that have researched the topic end up choosing PRK owing to the reduced rate of complications.

We feel that it is important for patients to be well informed about their options when choosing the type of laser vision correction they desire.